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Where Do Nice Guys Finish?

The Platinum Rule – “Treat people as they want to be treated.”  This adaptation of The Golden Rule, the old-standby found in all religions and philosophies, requires communicating with the other person to ascertain what makes for that person’s dignity.  It is no longer enough to treat people the way you want to be treated.  Those times are long over. 

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

There is no federal statute that directly addresses appearance discrimination per se, but people are still subject to tangible bias, humiliation, insults and more on this basis.  The law must be flexible enough to reconcile legally recognized forms of discrimination and their intersection with those that are not. 

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Plausibility and Good Vibrations During Union Campaigns 

When psychological safety is at risk, employees spend more time and energy focusing on their concerns and the supposed devious bosses’ next moves than on their job responsibilities and organizational citizenship behaviors – those discretionary things that exceed their performance expectations. 

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Employee Engagement and Leadership Training

Leadership encompasses so much more than skills learned in most training. It entails how leaders are selected, the mission of the organization, the corporate culture, the needs of the consumer – to name a few.

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Avoiding Overtime

Our philosophy, beside adhering to legal constraints and working with integrity and within other legitimate boundaries, calls for respecting and valuing employees.

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Checking References

The Carpe Diem approach calls for more than mere integrity, though; you must care about others whom you do not know and who may never learn that you could have categorically blocked the harm that may affect them.
That is what leadership is all about.

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