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Managing PeopleMarch 17, 24 and 31

The Road to Employee and Supervisor Satisfaction: Employee Engagement and the Psychological Contract, April 18, 25, and May 2

“Everybody Thinks He’s a V.I.P.! ‘Fentestic’ Service Every Time!”  – Cultural Sensitivity and Customer Service, May 15, 16, and 18
Belongingness in the Workplace, June 1
Managing People, June 6, 13, 20

Workshops are available in-person or online. Space is limited, so register early.  Payment is due two weeks prior to the course.  To register or sign up for newsletters about future workshops: 

New Supervisor’s Orientation

Reviews Leadership and Human Resource issues both for the new supervisor and those who are being groomed for supervisory positions. Veteran managers have also found this one-day review eye-opening, offering novel insights into practices that need updating.
1 day / Enrollment: 18 - 25

The Road to Employee & Supervisor Satisfaction:

Employee Engagement and the Psychological Contract

Managers and supervisors who are not tuned in to these concepts and their complementary skills are missing essential tools to create a workplace that is tailored to the strengths of every person. Put into practice, these innovations can enhance every workplace relationship.
Prerequisite: Managing People Workshop.
3 days / Enrollment: 20 - 25

Time Management

Learn to reduce stress through proven self-control techniques. A complete menu of time-tested techniques and their rationales enables learners to choose which ones are most achievable for them.
1 day / Enrollment: 20 - 30

Putting on Your Best Face

At some point, everyone must submit to an interview. Why not make it a winning effort? Techniques for shining and knowledge that empowers you to persuade interviewers and handle the tough questions.
2 days / Enrollment: 20

Implicit Bias: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Participants gain new insight into their own and others’ biases and how to manage them. Attendees learn techniques for spotting and controlling one’s own bias as well as others’.
.75 day / Enrollment: 20 - 30

Counseling Skills for the Non-Supervisor

It’s not just for supervisors! Employees too should understand what their managers are learning about counseling. This enhances our unique strategies to transform the supervisor-employee relationship by demonstrating that the supervisor is acting in the best interests of the employee.
1 day / Enrollment: 20 - 30

Managing People

A Pennsylvania State University program that takes a whole new approach to leadership and can be implemented the next day. It calls on you to make a few mindset changes that have radically changed supervisor-employee relationships for the better. This program is updated on a continuing basis.
3 days / Enrollment: 18 - 25

My Role in My Psychological Contract

Designed to bring leaders and reports in sync to facilitate communication and a fresh rapport that transcends conventional labor-management relations. Line staff get a taste of what managers are learning about employee engagement and the psychological contract.
.75 days / Enrollment: 20 - 30

Presentation Skills

Participants overcome any fear of public speaking by engaging in it and learning how to assess an audience and persuade listeners and learners. A safe environment acts as “laughing gas” for the faint of heart.
2 days / Enrollment: 18 - 20

“Everybody Thinks He’s a V.I.P.! ‘Fentestic’ Service Every Time”

Cultural Sensitivity and Customer Service

An unprecedented approach to DE&I that highlights the diversity of the participants and culminates in a transformational Culture Share. Participants return to work for a day in the middle to prepare that final exercise. The theme of this workshop is how to create a workplace that nourishes a feeling of belonginess. It has been successfully presented for entire agencies and departments. 2.5 days with a 1-day break between / Enrollment: 20- 25

** Violence Prevention

Ways to protect the workplace through the lens of federal and state law. Tried and true approaches based on science and real-world experiences.
.75 day / Enrollment: 20 - 30

**Respect in the Workplace:

Sexual Harassment Prevention: ‘It’s Not Just About Sexual Harassment’

Highly interactive workshop on the latest rules that apply to all forms of harassment. Participants leave understanding how to be an active bystander and how to respond effectively to inappropriate actions and remarks. Group discussions, debates and riveting role plays make the learning stick.
1 day / Enrollment: 25 - 40

Handling Performance Issues Effectively

Most performance management systems just don’t work. Supervisors and employees both have an aversion to the process and do their best to make it painless; unfortunately, that also renders it basically inconsequential. Learners will leave with a blueprint to make theirs more effective.
3 days / Enrollment: 20 - 25

Interviewing Skills: Hiring the Best

In these days of labor changes driven by multiple sources and unpredictable events, we must make sure to hire and promote the best. “The best” must be more comprehensive than merely choosing qualified candidates; it encompasses how to weed out those who will not contribute positively in the long-term. Learn how to find and recruit the best candidates. 2 days /Enrollment: 15 - 20

Belongingness in the Workplace

Social Role Valorization for Employees

To make your workplace an employer of choice calls for a whole new mindset. DE&I alone has not brought the results that were hoped for. But creating a culture of belongingness can.
.5 day / Enrollment: 22 - 35

How To Be an EEO Representative

The importance of the EEO Representative’s function cannot be overstated. Cases hinge on that person’s ability to ease anxious complainants, witnesses and respondents and to make sure that cases go forward. Bigotry, prejudice and implicit bias make their presence known. The investigation of an EEO complaint is also fraught with shades of morale-busters and, in serious matters, PTSD. All these factors combine to require an investigator, an empath and a conciliator. This workshop builds on the Investigation Skills course to lay a foundation for confidential investigations that will uncover the facts. 3 days / Enrollment: 20- 25

Investigation Skills

From initiating an investigation, to crafting an investigative plan, to preparing to interview witnesses, to assessing credibility to the laws of evidence, to writing an investigative report, this workshop covers the gamut for inexperienced and seasoned investigators. Learners engage in practical role plays and analyze actual cases that prepare them to draw compelling conclusions from competent investigative work.
2.5 - 3.5 days / Enrollment: 15 - 25

Outplacement Workshops

Leaving with Grace
Putting on Your Best Face
Mock Interviews
Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip
What Employers Really Want
How To Stand Out from the Crowd
What I Learned from My Resume

** Train-the-Trainer is available for Respect in the Workplace and Violence Prevention

*The length of each course is tailored to the goals of the client.

Workshops are available in-person or online. Space is limited, so register early. Payment is due two weeks prior to the course.  To register or sign up for newsletters about future workshops click on the buttons below.

How We Work

  • Use the contact form to schedule a consultation.
  • Workshops are scheduled at your convenience and as our schedule allows.
  • We will tailor workshops to address your specific issues of concern.
  • Participants will receive a course syllabus, with supplements and curricula for each day.
  • On conclusion, participants will receive a certificate documenting their learning.

Our Unique!! Post-Course Support

Learners will have three months’ access over the course of six months to group bi-monthly COACHING SESSIONS in which previously submitted questions are discussed and new ones aired.  

Learners are invited for three months to take part in a monthly RECIPROCITY CIRCLE. Participants can seek advice or contacts or ideas to advance some wish or project that needs a “nudge.” Since every member of the Circle is a contributor as well as a person asking for assistance, no one should feel that their requests are imposing or presumptuous. Everyone is there for the same reason.

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